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Three-year-old Clover Carkeet’s seizures have reduced by 95

An independent cannabis retailer, who claims she tipped

A Canadian survey has found evidence to suggest

What do tour buses, tarot cards and Mexican

Medical cannabis oil has been life-changing for Julia,

Flora Growth, based in Bucaramanga, Colombia, captures rainwater

Since launching last July, Christopher Fevry, co-founder and

With UK pharmacies reporting a shortage of hay

For the first time findings have shown that

New data from Ontario’s cannabis retail regulator show

The review found limited progress in understanding the

Rising hopes for federal legalization and the potential

The fierce bear market gripping U.S. marijuana stocks

Over 300 health professionals have signed up to

Justin Clarke shares how cannabis has helped him

As recently as 2018, cultivation- and retail-sector financing

An additional 2,445 CBD products have been preliminarily

A new study has explored the perceptions of

Canadian sales of legal cannabis pre-rolls nearly doubled

A new hemp variety from Italian-Dutch developer Enecta

Canadian cannabis producer Canopy Growth slashed approximately 8%

Heading into another brutally dry summer, struggling cannabis

The UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) has reopened

No-till cultivation is part of the larger cannabis

The Canadian province of Alberta is moving fast

County-level political battles could upend Montana’s newly launched

Juicy Fields explores the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties

Private CBD maker British Cannabis is so far

As thousands of cannabis consumers celebrated 4/20 this

Investigators are taking the first steps towards human

U.S. drug regulators are doubling down on arguments

Medical cannabis patient, Jack Pierce, explains how the

Cannabis businesses are increasingly tapping into the field

Health Canada referred nearly 500 cannabis business-related cases

A US-based pharmaceutical company is set to launch

A US-based pharmaceutical company is set to launch

New Jersey will launch its projected $2 billion

Biomedical company, Cannabotech, claims to have developed a

Starting a cannabis cultivation facility is a high-risk

Michigan-based Heartland Corporate Holdings LLC (“Heartland Industries”) has

Outstanding regulatory fees owed by federally regulated Canadian

To mark World Autism Acceptance month, mental health

Expert in synthetic cannabinoids, Dr Caitlyn Norman, explains

The problems facing all California cannabis growers is

Poland’s highest administrative court has ruled against the

A proposed UK study of whole plant cannabis

A seemingly offbeat idea to finally approve federal

Marijuana testing and quality control is no simple

Feeding cattle industrial hemp may have a beneficial

Colombia has put in place international trade regulations

Cannabidiols are gaining increasing popularity among customers from

A recent report suggests stigma may play a

A charitable thrill-seeker is planning a 10,000 foot

Cannabis businesses in eastern and southern New Mexico

With a desperate need for pain management alternatives,

A Canadian investment firm bankrolled by a unit

The advent of medical marijuana legalisation has been

The cannabis retail regulator in Ontario, Canada, is

Enjoy your favourite CBD oil in your morning

A recent case report highlights the “unexpected” success

Laboratories cannot reasonably ascertain a cannabis product’s composition

Researchers at the University of Chicago have been

The market for CBD-infused products is red hot

How do you use CBD oil when cooking?

The government of Alberta, Canada, officially handed over

A new study has suggested that the cannabinoid,

New Jersey’s recreational cannabis market is gearing up

A new cookbook, from JuicyFields, combines high-end cuisine

As more states launch medical and adult-use marijuana

As the U.S. cannabis industry keeps growing, marijuana

Biomedical cannabis company, Cannabotech, says its products eliminated

More than one third of patients living with

Are you curious to try CBD edibles, but

US cannabis producer Flora Growth, who is conducting the study in

The only constant in life is “Change” Irrespective

CBD is everywhere. You’ve seen it in your

Buying a point-of-sale system for a cannabis store

Cannabis beverages have arrived, but where are the

While not impossible, comprehensive marijuana reform that includes

After passing the farm bill 2018, a wave

Hemp’s opportunity to shine as a carbon-storing building

In the last few years, CBD has sparked

Some New York hemp farmers will be licensed

Cannabis is now prescribed for a wide range

More than three years after Canada legalized and

Three stakeholder groups say they will appeal to

An international team has developed integrated portable hemp

The movement to overhaul federal marijuana policy has

Minnesota, long one of the country’s most heavily

Around 80 per cent of women are thought

BioHarvest Sciences announced in December that it created

The UK’s largest legal medical cannabis identification card

Current methods for measuring the energy performance of

Between government regulations and rigid policies from Big

California cannabis growers such as Autumn Brands –

Autism Spectrum disorder is a lifelong developmental disability.

The scheme will give patients the chance to

South African cannabis supporters have welcomed a pledge

Legislation limiting industrial hemp in Oregon or anywhere else

US healthcare company, Veriheal, helps us tackle misinformation

US medical cannabis expert, Eloise Theisen, shares her

Swedish hemp stakeholders are pushing back hard against

Brains Bioceutical is partnering with a clinical research

Twenty-seven states have limited-licensing schemes that lead to

The agricultural improvement act 2018 came with a

Malaysian cannabis stakeholders have hailed policy clarifications that

A rendering of the Copilot cannabis store planned

For Gay History Month we highlight the LGBT+

Connecticut opened the window Thursday to social equity

Katrina Boulton is helping others access medical cannabis

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Enters into Definitive Agreement to

The U.S. House of Representatives passed an American competitiveness

HEMPALTA, a newly formed Canadian hemp company, said

The euphoric feeling after exercise, often referred to

In the latter part of 2018, Bloomberg reported that the

Introduction Delta-8 THC has been the talk of

Thailand’s Health Ministry recent removal of marijuana from the

Michigan’s recreational marijuana sales doubled in 2021, the

Extraction companies such as Harold Jarboe’s Tennessee Homegrown

Costa Rica looks poised to ban the home

Imagine a cannabinoid with around half the potency

Analysts Cut Short Of Millions from Tilray, Canopy,

Over one third of osteoarthritis patients stopped using

Researchers from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (USA) say they

Why would you keep your cannabis raw? Well,

The largest study of its kind has revealed

As England starts to move into Plan A

Australia’s Department of Health, preparing to overhaul its

High Tide Announces Unaudited 2021 Financial Results Featuring

The golden gates of California’s legal cannabis industry

Medical cannabis patient Liam Lewis and his husband

The Massachusetts recreational marijuana industry started slowly but,

More than 14 months after voters in Mississippi

“U.S. military veterans are some of the most

New findings, showing that cannabinoids may interfere with

A new study has shown that pre-treatment CBD

Minnesota Democratic leaders are preparing for another push

Outdoor cannabis growers, both hemp and marijuana, have

Outdoor marijuana and hemp growers have long relied

Retail prices for Canadian recreational cannabis products fell

There are thousands of different terpenes in existence

A new zero-THC hemp variety hitting the market

More than a dozen California cities are opening

Bipartisan lawmakers push DEA on medical psychedelic access;

“We are holding accountable powerful actors who abuse

Curaleaf Completes Acquisition of Bloom Dispensaries WAKEFIELD, Mass.,

Increasing numbers of studies indicate that CBD could

An American Indian tribe in Maine is testing

Gummies are the undisputed champions of edible cannabis,

The (U.S.) Hemp Industries Association (HIA) elected three

Oklahoma regulators delayed opening the state’s medical marijuana licensing portal

Integro Clinics explores how medical cannabis can help

Exclusive Interview with Pistil Data Co-Founder and CEO

Eczema. It goes beyond dry skin. Your skin

Good news: Hemp can reduce the impacts of